With the support of World Child Cancer NL, professionals from Western partner hospitals share their knowledge with colleagues in poor countries. Because: here 75% heals, there less than 10%. Dr Festus Njuguna works as a pediatrician at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya. He is the leader of the twinning program there. In this video he shows us the impact of the program for patients and professionals.

Gertjan Kaspers, pediatric oncologist
and director Outreach Princess Máxima Center

‘A very important development is that our colleagues in the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret, Kenya, are coming to realize that teamwork is an important key for treating children with cancer. Pediatricians, nurses, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and data managers are all involved. As one of the results, there are now specialised nurses in pediatric oncology. Thanks to our collaboration, survival rates have risen from less than 10% to more than 30% for certain types of cancer. For example, the survival rate for children with Wilms tumor, a type of kidney cancer that can only affect children, has increased from less than 10% in 2009 to 40% now. Furthermore, we have witnessed that many more children are able to finish the treatment. We remain committed to improving results. One of my ambitions in the near future is to have more than half of all children with cancer in MTRH survive. Will you help us achieve that?’

Festus Njuguna, pediatrician Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MRTH), Eldoret, Kenya

‘The twinning program has led to improved patient care and survival. The staff of MTRH has benefitted from staff exchange programs. These enabled the transfer of knowledge and skills between doctors, nurses and lab technicians working in both institutions. We have also collaborated in research that has led to numerous publications. Some of these have brought new insights into practical and appropriate solutions that lead to improved survival.’

Eddy Supriyadi, pediatric oncologist
Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

‘Our partnership is an important vehicle for institutional capacity building between Princess Máxima Center and Dr. Sardjito Hospital. This twinning program strengthens both institutions and staff involved, through sharing or transfer of skills and knowledge. The staff of Dr. Sardjito Hospital has benefitted from this program as it helps to increase the quality of patient care as well as research. The success of our twinning program derives from its two-way nature – which means that each institution learns from the other, empowering both institutions. This mutual aspect has been implemented into our twinning activities right from the start!’

Prof.dr. Kim Putters, director Institute for Social Research and Professor of Health Management, Erasmus University

‘Every person has the right to receive the health care they need. As well in the Netherlands as in other countries.  The huge difference in chances of cure for children with cancer in poor and rich countries -  respectively 10% and 75% - is unacceptable. World Child Cancer NL works with experts from Western centers to raise the chances of cure for children with cancer in poor countries. I have witnessed this during a work visit and highly respect the work they do.’