Research Physician Dual Practices (PDP)

Physician Dual Practices means that doctors work in both public and private hospitals or practices. This can be detrimental to public health. Our research on ‘Global Problems of Physician Dual Practices’ was conducted by two Dutch students and an Indonesian PhD student.

The research, in the form of a literature study, has now been completed. Of the 195 countries worldwide, PDP are described in 157 countries (81%): in 77% of the high-income countries and 82% of the low- and middle-income countries. The most cited reason for working in the private sector is the low salary in the public sector (55%). This reason is reported significantly more often in low- and middle-income countries (65%) than high-income countries (30%).

In 58% of all countries, PDP are described as harmful to public health. It lowers the quality of medical care in government hospitals as doctors devote more time and attention to wealthier patients in private clinics. Our study also makes recommendations for the approach to PDP by governments. The research findings have been incorporated into a scientific article that has been submitted for publication.