About World Child Cancer NL

The World Child Cancer NL Foundation (official name: Stichting World Child Cancer The Netherlands) was set up to ensure that no child will die of cancer, anywhere in the world, while striving for optimal quality of life. We work closely with several Dutch and foreign centers that specialize in pediatric oncology. The foundation is a member of the umbrella organization World Child Cancer Global, which works worldwide to promote Outreach programs. The affiliated organizations carefully attune the programs and commitment in countries to each other and exchange knowledge and experience.

Team World Child Cancer NL:​

  • Pauline Geskes - Senior Partnership Manager

  • Frank Bos - Partnership Manager

  • Welmer Blom -  Director (no compensation)


Board (no compensation)
The members of the board of World Child Cancer NL are:

  • Ferry van Schoonhoven (chairman), founder & partner lawyers and civil law notaries Lexence

  • Fons Louter (treasurer), CFO Losberger De Boer

  • Angela van ’t Slot (secretary), manager VUmc Kinderstad

  • Ad Antonisse, director Market Access & External Affairs Astra Zeneca The Netherlands

  • Wim Leereveld, founder Access to Medicine Index

  • Gita Gallé, CFO and COO Princess Máxima Center

  • Michel van Schaik, director Health Care Rabobank The Netherlands

  • Annelies van der Vorm, social entrepeneur

Advisor to the board (no compensation)

Gertjan Kaspers, pediatric oncologist, director Academy & Outreach Princess Máxima Center, professor VU Medical Center


Integrity & Compliance Officer

  • Dennis Spierdijk


World Child Cancer NL has the privilege to work with several highly committed (unpaid) advisors:

  • Peter van Keulen, founder & managing partner, Public Matters

  • Lisanne Spaander, singer-songwriter, survivor childhood cancer 

  • Gerard Joling, singer - performer - presentor

  • Ronald de Boer, former professional soccer player (AFC AJAX)

  • Jan van Zanen, mayor of The Hague (Netherlands)

Team Outreach 

  • Gertjan Kaspers, pediatric oncologist, director Academy & Outreach Princess Máxima Center, professor VU Medical Center

  • Germaine Custers, director of programmes

  • Frank Bos, research & fundraising

  • Martine van Grotel, pediatric oncologist and co-ordinator Kosovo

  • Minke Huibers, pediatrician & fellow pediatric oncology

  • Arjenne Kors, pediatric oncologist and co-ordinator Indonesia

  • Saskia Mostert, co-ordinator research

Code of conduct

All World Child Cancer NL employees are obliged to abide our code of conduct. Before commencing work at our twinning partners, they all sign the code of conduct.
Download: Code of Conduct for Representatives - Code of Ethics - Child safeguarding Policy