Pediatric oncologist Gertjan Kaspers explains how sharing knowledge with colleagues in poor countries and joint research help to raise the chances of survival for children with cancer.

Besides the training of care professionals, also collaboration in international research and parental education programs improve chances of survival for children with cancer. World Child Cancer NL makes all of that possible.

More than 400.000 children worldwide are affected by cancer every year. 80% of which are living in Low- and Middle Income Countries. The chance of curing childhood cancer is less than 10% in the poorest countries, immensely contrasting the 80% chance recovery in rich countries. Improved basic health care leads to a lower child death rate infant mortality from eg infections and malnutrition, but cancer is increasing as a cause of death among children in these countries. Every year 300.000 children die of childhood cancer. 


World Child Cancer NL wants to ensure that children with cancer, anywhere in the world, are being cured, with optimum quality of life. For that purpose, we enhance and finance scientific research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancer and we execute twinning programs between our Western partners and partner hospitals in poor countries.

World Child Cancer NL works together with Western centers, and coordinates the deployment of experts from those centers who teach healthcare professionals from developing countries, on site or in the Netherlands. They advise on the treatment of individual patients, conduct research and contribute to the development of protocols and guidelines to increase the chance of recovery there, under the final responsibility of local professionals. We call all this our Outreach program.

We enable collaboration with hospitals in Kenya, Kosovo, Indonesia and Malawi. The Netherlands has 600 new cases of childhood cancer every year. That is not enough for good research. Thanks to the collaboration, scientists in eg the Princess Máxima Center have more data and research material, such as tumor tissue. This way they can conduct leading research with an international impact and benefits, also for Dutch patients.


Professionals about Outreach

Gertjan Kaspers, pediatric oncologist and director Outreach, Princess Máxima Center

Festus Njuguna, pediatrician,
Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret, Kenya


Eddy Supriyadi,
pedriatic oncologist,
Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Prof.dr. Kim Putters, director Institute for Social Research and professor of Health Management, Erasmus University

Partnership AFAS

AFAS Foundation supports the Outreach program as founding partner with 1,55 million euro from 2018-2020. We highly appreciate the commitment of AFAS!